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Cappadocia Jet Boat,Gondola & Jeep Safari

One of the most stirring categories in Dorak Holdings' field of activities, outdoor exploration offers different experience from gondola & jet boat in Red River and jeep safari between the Fairy Chimney Valley's of Cappadocia. Unique adventure of its kind 'jeep safari' offers an exciting outdoor experience along with a romantic gate away to the natural beauty of Cappadocia.

Kapadokya Jet Boat, Gondola & Jeep Safari There are 2 important rules to remember about the 'gondola' rides in the Red River of Cappadocia. The first rule is that at such a unique and inspiring region, a 'must' experience is to have this very romantic and relaxing outdoor activity by the sunset. And 2nd rule is that the Gondola tour is the only and the easiest way to discover the beauties and highlighted worth seeing places in a 45 minutes journey.

An irresistible experience is waiting for you on the Red River of Cappadocia. 'Jet boat' tours take you to an extreme fun and excitement level during your visit to Cappadocia.

Dorak's fleet of outdoor exploration includes 3 jet boats,
10 gondolas and 22 safari jeeps serving with a team of young and dynamic professional ready to host you 12 months a year.

Zelve Mapping
Enjoy the longest mapping show of the world about humankind and Cappadocia’s magnificent history reflecting on fairy chimneys with 3D high-tech projection and sound systems in Zelve Open Air Museum. It will run through all phases of Cappadocia’s history, from geographical formation and topographical transformations to the emergence of civilization and religion.