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Ceramic Art

Venessa Ceramic Artifacts

Dorak Holding supports the preservation of Anatolian Cultural Wealth and Old Handicrafts. Avanos has a history of four thousand years of pottery and ceramic arts. The secrets are transferred from generations to generations.

Venessa Seramik The artisans of 'Venessa' operate since 200 years and their hands give life to traditional products ranging from Christian icons to Iznik ceramics. Nowadays traditional arts are applied with modern techniques and innovative processes.

Dorak's artisans provide several offerings including ceramic pots, porcelain products, wallboards, as well as unique designs for special collections and simulations of Hittite artifacts.

AGAD Jewellery

"Only Beauty Will Save The World" said the famous Turkish writer Sait Faik. For AGAD Jewellery seasoned artisans create individual and timeless ''beauties'' with turquoise and diamonds in carefully crafted settings. The portfolio contains both classic and unique designs, which combine the traditions of ''timeless heritage'' with a contemporary touch. View the distinguished collection with our experienced and attentive staff in the Cappadocia and Bergama showrooms.

Blue Art Center

Jewels are dignified forms of natural beauty, which are shaped by cultural heritage and human passion. Blue Art Center is proud to present an extensive collection of carefully crafted jewellery using both precious and semi-precious stones to maximum effect, in classic and contemporary settings. The range includes many unique designs, building upon traditional ideas, but with contemporary flair. Whether an indulgence for yourself, or a gift for a loved-one, our experienced staff will be pleased to advise and assist in your selection at the Avanos showroom.

Gold Loom

Golden Loom is a frequent destination for carpet lovers passing by Cappadocia. It serves in a closed area located on 3400 m2 in total with 4 big (120 m2) and 19 small (60 m2) halls.

Motives used on these carpets by the skillful and veteran hands of women, represent ‘symbolical’ codes related human life, social and cultural habits and religious beliefs at the time they were produced. Gold Loom serves for ensuring protection and continuity of these precious handicrafts based on centuries old savings. Precious pieces collected from all corners of ateliers in Turkey are held at this carpet center located in the heart of Cappadocia.

Our guests coming from mainly Japan, Far East, South America and Europe are informed regarding weaving Turkish carpet, silk reeling, silk and wool dyeing and sales activities are being carried out in different languages.