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Dorak Holding is inviting you to venture on a unique experience of a hot air balloon tour which is the oldest aircraft invented in the history of humanity. The adventure begins in the sunrise and continues by flowing among the fairy chimneys in order to catch a spectacular scene of Cappadocia in the sky. Every single experience becomes an extraordinary adventure in itself. Duration of this unique experience ranges between 45 minutes to 1,5 hours. It starts at around 6 am followed by a celebration and issuance of a certificate that seals and renders the experience as a good and memorable instant. For the avoidance of the doubt, every single flight experience is made through deluxe aircraft fleet in compliance with the global transportation standards. Dorak renders services for 12 months a year with three leading hot air balloon companies in Cappadocia.

Kapadokya Balloons

Kapadokya Balloons Kapadokya Balloons is the first private, licenced and commercial passenger hot air ballooning company in Turkey. The company's pilots superior experience in the region allows them to choose the best launching locations for the most scenic flights possible for each day's weather conditions. The fleet of luxury aircraft are the newest, safest and most comfortable balloons available in the world today. Kapadokya Balloons' insurance safety standards far exceed that required by the Turkish, European and American standards.

Having a Professional managerial staff and experienced ground team, the company guarantees %100 customer satisfaction. Over 21 travel guide boks and independent travel writers recommend Cappadocia Balloons for high quality flight experience and general services.

Atmosfer Balloons

Atmosfer Balloons Atmosfer Balloons is one of the leaders in the professional hot air balloon companies in Cappadocia thanks to its experience and skilled team of professionals.

Atmosfer Balloons flies with the custom-designed vehicles that are produced by a Spanish company, Ultra Magic.

Atmosfer Balloons assure it's customers an unforgettable flight experience with the perfect synergy and experience of it's administrative staff, land team and flight team.

Rainbow Balloons

Rainbow Balloons Third company in the Dorak Aviation Group, Rainbow Balloons, aims at extending the hot air balloon services in Cappadocia.

A flight with Rainbow balloons is truly a 'unique experience' where tales of land that witness the mysterious history of Cappadocia.

Sultan Balloons

Sultan Baloon is the fourth company of DORAK Aviation Group. As a veteran aviator with more than 30 years of experience, Sultan's professional team has a huge passion for ballooning. Like all other DORAK services, the flights with Sultan Balloon are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, joyful, adventurous and definitely unforgettable experience to our guests.