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Dorak Tourism expanded its service capacity by adding 20 Mercedes-Benz Travego 15 SHDs to its fleet / 01.12.2011

Dorak Tours, which has been established in 1970 as an A-Class Travel Agency and achieved an honorable reputation thanks to its continued success, has again relied on Mercedes-Benz quality to expand its fleet. Dorak Tours is a group of companies that provides several services including hotel management, restaurant management, hot-air balloon travels and souvenir trade. The group recently expanded the size of its bus fleet form 140 to 160 by adding twenty Mercedes-Benz Travego 15 SHDs.

Dorak's partners Ahmet Serdar Korukcu, Ahmet Kaplan Tan and Mustafa Pilav attended the delivery ceremony that took place in Mercedes-Benz Turkey's Marketing Center. Sales Manager of Bus Department Mr. Burak Batumlu, Has Otomotiv General Manager Mr. Mustafa Sarıgül, Chairman of Borad Mr. Mustafa Dinçer, Member of the Borad Mr. Latif Karaali and Director of the Bus Sales Department Mr. Soner Balaban were also present.

Dorak Tourism's Chairman of the Board delivered a speech during the ceremony and stated that they preferred Travego 15 SHD for the trust they have in the Mercedes-Benz brand's quality and the advanced technology, which provides the required comfort and security. Mr. Burak Batumlu - Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz Turkey's Bus Department – congratulated Dorak for investing in the development of the sector and presented his wishes to continue their cooperation in the future.

Dorak Holding expands its fleet 11.12.2011

Dorak Holding that controls nearly 75 percent of the Japanese tourist activity in Turkey, is capitalizing on new investments.

The group recently expanded the size of its bus fleet form 140 to 160 by adding twenty Mercedes-Benz Travego 15 SHDs. The delivery ceremony took place in Hadimkoy Center of Mercedes-Benz. The management team of Mercedes-Benz Turkey Co. as well the board members of Dorak Holding joined the meeting.

Dorak Holding, which is based on the partnership of Mustafa Pilav, Ahmet Serdar Korukcu and Ahmet Kaplan Tan owns the Sur Fish restaurant chain that has service points in Sarayburnu, Arnavutkoy and Avanos. Altın Ocak Restaurant, Evranos Restaurant, Avanos Restaurant, Venessa Pottery Workshop, Uchisar Cave Hotel, Goreme Cave Hotel, and Sacred House Boutique Hotel are other enterprises that are managed by the Holding.

Dorak Holding recently built a joint venture with the world-famous Hilton Hotels chain and opened the first five-star international hotel in Cappadocia - Doubletree by Hilton.

Dorak Holding empowered itself with Turkcell Services / 11.12.2011

We manage our travel fleet that contains 220 busses with Turkcell's Fleet Management Solution. Turkcell's solution enables us to provide our customers with higher security and to improve our cost management via closer control over our busses.

Dorak gives start to the $80 million investment project despite the Japanese earthquake / 25.04.2011

Mustafa Pilav, who is the Manager of the New Millennium and partner of the Dorak Group, stated that they do not expect the earthquake to have a negative effect on the number of Japanese tourists that will visit Turkey in the coming season. Thus, Dorak is going full-speed ahead with its investment projects, that are planned to cover a budget of $80 million.

Mustafa Pilav, who is the partner and a member of the board in Dorak Group that is known for their investments in Cappadocia and the Sur Fish Restaurant chains, stated that they expect to receive an additional 30 million guests from Japan to Turkey as a result of the unstable political environment in Egypt and Greece.

Pilav declared that in the first weeks following the earthquake, they experienced a slow-down in the reservations from Japanese agencies, but they are sure to see more Japans then ever in Turkey for the Japanese people will be looking forward to refresh their minds and bodies following the sad event. Pilav stated that last year Dorak served 87 thousand out of 120 thousand Japanese tourists and this year they expect this number to rise up to 130 thousand.

Dorak Will Establish Two New Hotels and Restaurants
Mustafa Pilav, who is one of Dorak's partners, stated that there are already four hotels and five restaurants within their assets and they are planning to increase their service coverage by establishing two new hotels and two restaurants within the thw next two years. The group allocated 80 million dollar budget for these investments.

Pila delivered further details about the investment projects: "We will establish a new restaurant at Red-River side in Cappadocia. We ordered the construction of 12 meters long Venetian Gondols to give our guests a ride on the river. We are going to open another Sur Fish restaurant next to Goldenhorn. We may consider to open another one in Cİhangir in the meantime. Doubletree by Hilton Avanos has been opened last year. We plan to invest into another five-star hotel in the region, again in collaboration with Hilton or Sheraton. We are also looking forward to establish a hotel in Istanbul. We dedicated a budget of 70 million dollars for these hotels. This is almost equal to our Group's income of the last year. We are targeting to increase our revenue to 85 million dollars this year and we are heading to become a holding.

Mardin in Smyrnia! / 29.11.2011

Last week I was in Smyrnia to attend a meeting on "Vulgarism Against Women." Today I am in Kusadasi, where I have been born. I have personal reasons to be here, but I will tell you after my return. When I was a child, I thought that Kusadasi was a town of Smyrnia. Thus, I called myself a Smyrnean. Later I found out that my birth town is a part of Aydın. Basically I am an Aegean. Maybe I merely became a Galatean, since I am resident of Galata since 22 years. I went to Smyrnia as a guest of the Konak Municipality. I visited there a workshop, where women produce souvenirs made of ''haircloth.'' This is a handicraft of Mardin district. I never knew that 750 thousand Mardini people are lving in Smyrnia. That is almost equal to the actual population of mardin city. In other words, İzmir contains a twin-city of Mardin! No surprise that the weekend newspaper was full with real estate ads, instead of articles. Most probably the new estates appeal to the immigrants from other cities. Istanbul is no different! Skycrapers are erected all around the city.

When I moved to Galata, most of Beyoglu's population was comprised of immigrants from Mardin, Siirt and Bitlis. The reasons underlying the heavy migration are economic as well as social. Mardin is a beautiful city, but lacks the job opportunities for its citizens. Population is growing rapidly, but – partially threatened by the Kurdish terror – increasingly more families migrate to other cities. People living in Eastern Anatolian cities experience more or less the same problems. Burdur Municipality complains as the twenty days preparation training for ''Paid Military Service'' has been cancelled. Part of their economy was dependent on that military activity. For the same reason, the government established a university almost in each Anatolian city; in order to flourish the social and economic life…

Gondola Pleasure on Red-River

Fairy Chimneys have been the symbol of Cappadocia for ages. Recently, the colorful hot-air balloons that rise up to the skies each morning with the rising sun began to replace this image. In my last visit I also realized that the gondolas that sail gently on the Red-River are going to be new must-have toys of the Asian tourists. Dorak Tourism, which recorded a remarkable growth in the region's tourism sector, put the Gondolas right next to the Sur Fish Restaurant, which is also one of their assets. It will surely become the tourists delight to enjoy a Gondola ride in the river.

Hosting was one of the major factors that hindered tourism sector's development in Urgup, Goreme and Avanos region, which is also known as Cappadocia. The boutique hotels that are placed near to the Fairy Chimneys were carrying the load till the date, but their capacities were not enough to handle large groups. Now Avanos hosts one of the global chains; Doubletree Hilton is the first international five star hotel of the region. Although the architecture of Doubletree Hilton is not as fancy as the other regional alternatives, the hotel is very elegant and comfy inside. They provide all necessities such as SPA and closed swimming pool with high quality.

Also owned by Dorak Group, the Cave Hotel, which has a wonderful view of Fairy Chimneys and the Sacred House Boutique Hotel, which hosts TV series and fashion shows thanks to its outstanding interior design, fit successfully in the concept of ''Hotel with a Concept.'' I learned the secrets of their rapid growth from Mustafa Pilav, who is one of the three partners of the hotels and one the most experienced tour-guides in the region; Dorak provides a seamless service to their guests including travel, hosting, dining, fun-tours and shopping. Mustafa Pilav is a graduate of Japanese Language and Literature. He served the Japanese tourists for years. A great deal of the 125 thousand Japanese tourists that visit Turkey each year, are served by Dorak Group. Now the company is getting ready to conquer China!

Mustafa Pilav states that a new social class of riches is on rise in China. These people are looking forward to see the world's wonders and the size of the pie thrills the tourism sector. A population of one billion that is hungry for everything will certainly compete with any country in Europe for revenue generation. It may be a funny scene, but surely there will be lots of Chinese tourists enjoying a gondola tour in the river and stopping by the Sur Fish in the near future.

Isn't tourism all about making the dreams come true…? Dorak is penetrating Istanbul next to Cappadocia. The company opened two antique fish restaurants in Arnavutkoy and Sarayburnu next to the sea. This time there are no gondolas waiting next to them! But Istanbul is accustomed to see Royal Boats in Goldenhorn rather than the Gondolas in Bosphorus.

All those examples support my prophecy that tourism will be the driver of economic growth in Anatolia. All the rest is a nice story…