Dorak Holding was originated in 1971 with the establishment of Dorak Tours which has been actively furnishing services in tourism industry by putting signature to remarkable and significant projects throughout Turkey. The company grew into an establishment of group of companies by 2002 which turned into a holding company by 2011.

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Social Responsibility Activities

Dorak Holding who is representing Turkey tourism since 1971 also has a considerable support on social responsibility Projects. Last year subsidiary companies of Dorak Holding especially focused on promotion of Turkey abroad and youth development.

Sur Balık Restaurants gave support to “Raise your words, not your voice” campain raised by World Human Relief Project and Istanbul Bilgi University with a part of their daily income.

Last October, we hosted 500 precious Indian Tourism executives at TAFI Congress. Turkish Tourism and Culture Ministery Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş have visited our stand.

We were hosted with honour to Russian Red Army Chorus on February.

Also in February, we were the sponsor of 10 archeology students to discover Cappadocia for the first time who are both working and studying. This project was organized by Bahar Akıncı.

Dorak Holding has celebrated 8 of March Women’s Day with a donation to “Purple Roof Women Shelter” and all employees dressed in purple.

Development of the Consciousness of the Enviroment

Development of the enviromental awareness as one of the most seriously Dorak Holding is one of the topics.

This topic generates new projects,we accept them as part of our life.

Many thousands of years,the longest part of the culture and has hosted in recent years due to rapid urbanization,which is one of most Kızılırmak river, and quite serious steps to cleanse this pollution has contaminated a required.

We've imported from Germany,underwater cleaning machines and cleared to host natural life Kızılırmak.

In the middle of a small island of the River is the most recent guests that about 100 geese.

Contributions ​​For Cappadocia

Dorak Holding cultural and traditional handicrafts of Anatolia as a wealth,it is important to protect.

In this context has a 4000 years history of Avanos pottery and ceramic art from the young generation to have established a ceramic Atelier in order to impose and maintain. Where traditional tecniques modern and innonative tecniques from this people are benefiting from regular training and then build the his business life.