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Message from the President

We travelled through the long journey - that is called life - with inspiration and happiness, and left wonderful traces behind. Our company has a history of forty years and we perform as a group of companies since eleven years. Now when I look back, the results of my colleagues' joint efforts' fill my heart with awe and pride.

Two good fellows, we started this company just from the scratch, even without capital. Our agency was our sole wealth. Still, we gained the trust and respect of companies and persons we dealt with and we realized that good reputation would open more gates than capital and bank credits ever could.

We established our philosophy back in those early days and hold on to it through our way. We never aspired to become the ''biggest'' or the "fastest growing" company among our peers. But we always aimed to become a pillar of professional reliability.

Today, I can confidently claim that we reached our major aim.

We relied on our professional management skills to improve our operation. Partnership and management functions have been clearly defined and separated. We appreciated our colleagues' merits, reliable work habits and strong ethics. Those principles paved the way of continuous and healthy development for our company.

I trust my partners and my colleagues that together we will carry Dorak's name to further heights. We will continue to set the quality standards in our market with our dedicated efforts to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Ahmet Serdar Körükçü
Dorak Holding Chairman of the Board