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HR Implementations

Training Programs
Dorak Holding's training programs cover the employee skills that contribute to the improvement of our corporate's service quality:

  • Personal Development Programs
  • Technical Training Programs
  • Management Skills Training Programs
  • Specific Certification Programs

Carrier Planning
We will prosper in line with the improved success of our colleagues. Thus, we take active part in the carrier planning process of our employees.


Carrier Days
Carrier Days are organized in Cappadocia, where most of our professional activities are focused. In these organizations, we welcome potential colleagues and interns to provide them with better understanding on our corporate culture and business targets.

Management Training
We meet the fresh university graduates from corresponding departments, select the ones, who display the enthusiasm and potential we look for in our colleagues and we train them to become the future managers of our business departments.

Payroll Policy
Our payroll policy is based on the level of education as well as the professional experience of our colleagues. Our colleagues receive constant raises according to their performance. Our payroll system also considers the sector averages, economic conditions as well as the seniority among the team-mates.