47 Years

of excellence in

Services & Hospitality

Corporate Values

Client Value Creation
Dorak Holding guarantees to deliver the proper quality of service to it's clients by maintaining the performance of it's business processes, responsiveness and reliability. Therefore, Dorak creates continuous value for the clients and stakeholders.

Dorak Holding always aimed for the pioneering role in targeted sectors. Therefore it continuously invested in new service opportunities and challenged itself by undertaking innovative projects.

The holding conducts it's business based on good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all its relationships. It's committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards. Dorak is a leader in serving to society and safeguarding the interests of future generations. Protection of the environment and promotion of a higher level of environmental awareness are Dorak's duty to both it's country and planet.

The current success and the future of Dorak's growth depends on
the exceptional know-how and professionalism of its staff.

Sustainable development
Since its establishment, Dorak has given priority on investing in its own land. Dorak highly believes that sustainable development protects environment, history and cultural values as well as economical growth in Turkey.