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Dorak Holding was originated in 1971 with the establishment of Dorak Tours which has been actively furnishing services in tourism industry by putting signature to remarkable and significant projects throughout Turkey. The company grew into an establishment of group of companies by 2002 which turned into a holding company by 2011. Dorak Holding is a joint venture of Mr.Ahmet Serdar Körükçü, Mr. Ahmet Kaplan Tan and Mr. Mustafa Pilav.

With a passion on excellence, the group invested in complimentary activities to provide a seamless service quality. Today, Dorak Holding Co. embodies several subsidiaries including travel agencies, overseas sales offices, hotels, restaurants, as well as a transportation fleet and a hot air balloon service in Cappadocia. Dorak Holding also invested in mining facilities and established a ceramic factory in Cappadocia.

With a principle of investing back in Anatolia which has been a great inspiration, throughout the years of experience in the field, Dorak Holding became a prominent brand in Turkish tourism sector with a dynamic team of 2.000 professionals.